A Brew or Two

One of the best parts of living in North Carolina is the beer culture. Micro brews are everywhere, and they are REALLY good at making beer. So since this is a craft blog I figured: why not spend a day talking about craft beer?? 

Because when there is downtime… there is knitting…

Today we took a trip to Fuquay Verina to visit the Aviator Brewing Company. They are local brewery started by a guy who likes planes and loves beers. His first realm of operation was actually an airplane hangar! Ambitions were high with the owner so as soon as they were able to they changed locations to somewhere that can better accommodate their brewing needs. 

Currently they have the largest canning line on the East Coast and are also working on their first release of Vodka.  With all of this change they are hoping to move into an even bigger facility. They have a tap house in Fuquay where you can get just the beer, but for $17 my husband and I both took the factory tour that included samples of whatever beer we wanted, a pint of beer to take along, 2 pint glasses and a growler of whatever beer we so chose. 

They even make their own non alcoholic root beer. Of course we chose an alcoholic beer to fill our growler. It was not an easy decision.  The oatmeal stout “Black Mamba” was fantastic. The “Blood Orange IPA” was a refreshing summer brew. But it was the “Wide Open Red” that won in the end. 

I didn’t like beer for a long time. It was Killians Irish red that first got me into beer. This “Wide Open Red” makes Killians taste like ditch water. 

It took a year or so for me to truly enjoy and appreciate beer, but my husband has always loved it. He even makes his own small 6 gallon batches in our kitchen. 

When Kasey (husband) saw the inside of the factory he had stars in his eyes. It is his dream to open his own brewery and his first thought when he entered the production floor was “I am home”. I have a feeling that the next 3 years are going to be spent figuring out what middle ground steps we need to take to make his dream happen. 

This is him:

It was a great tour with amazing beer but the night didn’t end there!

My best friend Sarah is having a wedding in October in which I am a bridesmaid. Today’s trip was for entire wedding party. As a group we went to decide what beer we want a keg of. After the tour we gathered at the closest members house. 

This is Sarah:

We had food, we laughed, and maybe drank a little more beer. 

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