Shawl we not??

Alright so i knit up my hexi’s from that Moonchild yarn. Look how cute they are

As i watched the Moon Child work up into those adorable puffs inspiration struck. An image in my head flashed of that gorgeous color being paired with something I had in stash becoming the Oracle shawl by the fabulous Kristen of Voolenvine Yarns

But of course I had to act quick before this dazzling image of a completed Oracle shawl vanished from memory. I was able to assemble my color palette in 5 easy steps. 

  1. Weigh how much Moonchild I have leftover. 
  2. See how much Moonchild  was required to accomplish my goal. 
  3. Throw the yarn across the room when you realize you need 95 g and have 54g. 
  4. (Optional): Debate whether to play yarn chicken or feverishly consult the yarn dyer about ordering another skein. 
  5. Compare the Moonchild to the intended companion yarn and realize it doesnt go nearly as well with it as a full skein of this other yarn that has been RIGHT THERE beside the companion yarn since it was purchased…

See here is the pairing that seemed to work in my head:

I still think it would work quite nicely, but I simply don’t have enough of the Moonchild (caked)

Then there is the accidental pairing that made me want to skein up my yarn right then and there:

The funny part is when i first saw the Oracle shawl I knew I wanted one. I immediately went stash diving to see what combinations I might have on hand and threw in the towel until i could order more yarn, under the belief that I would have to start with 3 fresh skeins. The idea that these two colors would work perfectly together eluded me until I imagined them paired with a dark color. So now at this point I have 2 out of 3 complete skeins for this shawl that taunts me. Which led me to the wild goose chase of finding a perfect black color to turn my pair into a trio. I knew what i wanted. I had to discover if what I wanted happened to exist. 
It does. 

And its great. 

And here it is.. 

And now i can’t wait to get started. The three of these together make me squeal with delight, and are enough to make me feel I need finish up my current shawl WIP today. 

Left to right:

I am off to go finish that WIP i mentioned, let me know what you guys think of this trio of gorgeous 😌

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