Just one more project

Cast-on-itis has struck hard. But there is a problem. All of my projects use the same needles. Which means that before i can start the next project i either have to finish what’s on the needles now, or purchase new needles and end up with doubles somewhere along the lines. 

Currently I am working on this beauty:

Pattern is Diamond Shoal Shawl by Fickeknitter

All i have left to do now is add on the border.

And this soon-to-be little guy:

Pattern is “Voodoo you love me?” By Susan Claudino

I know it doesnt look much like a voodoo doll yet, but i promise it will be. I don’t have safety eyes for it, but i think i might actually use a button. I am undecided about whether or not he will have a heart as well. 

I need the needles from my diamond shoal shawl for my ‘has to happen no if’s ands or but’s about it’ Oracle Shawl. 

And of course I am hexi obsessed so the needles I am using for the “voodoo you love me” are needed to make more of those… Plus I found this really cool goth style Doilie pattern that needs those same needles and would go with the Voolenvine Doilie-along.

Pattern is Altar(1) by Caitlin French, photo is from the Ravelry pattern page 

Yup. All signs point to more needles. The only hold back is waiting for my FibreShare partner assignment so i can take down two birds with one stone and get some yarn/fiber shopping done. 

Do you guys have double sets of your favorite needles?

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