Mini Madness

Up until a year ago I have avoided purchasing mini skeins of yarn. I never did contrasting heels toes and cuffs and fervently avoided mini skein lots under the thought process of “none of those are enough yarn to make anything!”

Enter the yarn advent calendar. 

Last year i saw many podcasters and bloggers make amazing things with their mini skein advent calendars. I jealously watched some on instagram post their daily mini’s. They made advent socks, cowls, scrap blankets etc. and definitely had enough yarn to make… well… anything. 

With it being August I am already behind some crafters in that I have not made a single thing with the intention of gifting it for christmas. There’s too many fall birthdays in my life to think about Christmas right now. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of fabulous dyers from putting out sign ups for their mini skein advent calendars. 

It also hasn’t stopped me from purchasing my own. 

My mini skein advent calendar for this year comes from MsMonsterCreations on Etsy. There are many great dyers out there but her color palette speaks to me. There honestly wasn’t a single skein of yarn in her shop that I don’t want. 

I plan on using my incoming mini’s to make hexipuffs for my Beekeepers Quilt

But i couldn’t stop at an advent calendar of mini’s that won’t be opened until December… that would just be self torture. 

When I had her advent calendar in my cart I saw she also had halloween themed mini sets. You know how in cartoons when a character sees a large sum of money, dollar signs will flash in their eyes? Yeah it was like that but pumpkins, bats & cauldrons instead. I had my heart set on the Hocus Pocus mini skein set. Last year was actually my first time ever seeing the film but it still just has a wonderful halloween feel to it, even sans nostalgia. 

Of course it sold out from within my cart before I hit the purchase button. 

As a consolation prize I instead added the Halloween Night mini skein set with project bag shown here:

How perfect is this bag for working on halloween hexi-puffs?!?! Of course it wouldn’t be complete without halloween stitch markers, so i got some pumpkin goodness as well. I mean, who could say no to that pumpkin face?

Well the next day I saw her post some coupon codes for purchasing multiple mini skein sets. I knew i had already purchased my Christmas calendar and Halloween Night set, but really wanted the Hocus Pocus set… Of course there were more in the shop the next morning. But i contacted her and asked if i could still use the bundle code even though I had already purchased one of the sets. Because she is awesome she gave me the go ahead to use the code for the coveted Hocus Pocus set. 

Now was time to play the waiting game…. Until…

Well until she posted another coupon code for anything in her shop. So i purchased a smaller set of mini’s called the “Raven” set as well as some deliciously Halloweenie cauldron stitch markers. 

I thnk I just want to have enough to do a different colored Hexipuff every day in October, of course I will probably start before then. Because I have even more mini’s than those mentioned above. 

This is the Ooze set. I got this one from MsMonsterCreations as well as some witchy stitch markers in exchange for a hand dyed yarn of mine called “Burnt Pumpkins” I was selling.

Yup. That’s 29, I’m 2 short of a new skein each day in October 😑. But look at this glorious haul!!

And the stitch markers…

I ordered the cauldron with the raven set, and the witch hat was part of the trade for burnt pumpkins. But because MsMonsterCreations is so awesome she added 4 more rings AND a fortune teller charmed marker… which will go perfectly with my oracle shawl!! 

And because I am completely psycho for mini skeins at this point, I have already purchased an Advent Calendar for 2018. Here is the kicker. It is a HALLOWEEN advent calendar!!!!! I know it is a year from now, but I also know my quilt wont be done by then. So cheers to Halloween & mini madness!

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