Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

A couple days ago this amazing skein arrived from Dragon Hoard Yarn, co-host of the Girls In the Yarn Cafe podcast and indie dyer (whose shop I have been stalking)  

Isn’t that beautiful?!?! It’s called “Pumpkin Spice Latte” and is shown on her Fluffy Sock base. Boy oh boy is it fluffy!!! The mini skein is “Folsom” by LoloDidIt. I know I wanna make pumpkin socks with it, but I am not sure which pattern I wanna go with. Any suggestions would be very helpful!

This was my first time ordering Dragon Hoard Yarn and I gotta say, it is quality stuff! Colors are nicely saturated and just as beautiful as pictured in the original Etsy listing. So of course when I saw her post on her instagram page that she was doing a “Halloween at Hogwarts” collaboration with Simply Serving  I knew i wanted to be part of that. 

Picture above is from Dragon_Hoard_Yarn on instagram

In this post she mentioned there were going to be a few exclusive Halloween at Hogwarts themed kits available that will include a full skein of yarn and a custom stitch marker, all to be made available to the public on her August 25th shop update. She ALSO happened to mention there was going to be a “Holidays at Hogwarts” advent calendar, with a date to be determined. 

Well this peaked my interest, but I knew I already have an advent calendar coming from MsMonsterCreations, surely I don’t need TWO advent calendars in my life…

But of course Trysten divulged more information on another instagram post

Photo above is also from her Instagram page

On this post the urgency of ordering struck, she was releasing the kits THIS FRIDAY:  August 18th, 2017.  She was releasing the Hogwarts calendar along with her mother Christy of Yarn Cafe Creations , who was releasing a “Christmas Under the Sea” calendar and a “Nightmare Before Christmas” calendar. SO what on earth would make this particular kit so good that I really really really wanted it in addition to my MsMonsterCreations calendar??


I’m glad you asked. 

Firstly (and the thing that stood out as most unique to me) is that it is a ‘choose your own adventure’ sort of calendar in the sense that you choose which house you are sorted into and that determines things like packaging, themed goodies, and may even affect the yarn choices. 

Another interesting thing about this particular calendar is Trysten is intending it to be an adventure through Hogwarts, which is totally fitting because I am listening through the series on Audible now, and probably still will be around the holidays. The two shall pair as nicely as strong coffee and pancakes. 

And finally, what really sold me on this kit? The excitement i saw in the faces of both Trysten and Christy as they talked about curating their advent calendars on a Live Instagram post. I knew right then and there that the packaging and attention to detail on any of the three kits would be handled with the utmost care, and could not possibly disappoint. I mean, they did this video at the end of a long work day and still had bright eyes when talking about these calendars. That’s how ya know they are truly going to make something magical! 

So I have hopped on board for another advent calendar. I am sorted into house Ravenclaw and can’t wait to share the adventure here with you guys! This is gonna be one boss hexipuff quilt with all these mini’s im getting. 

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