Fit for an Alien Princess

Guys, I have finished my Diamond Shoal Shawl!! 

I love the way the three yarns have played together to create this piece. This shawl has officially been dubbed the “Alien Princess Shawl”, Just in time for the eclipse 🌞🌑🌒

Can we talk about how big this thing is???and it is so soft that wearing it feels like wrapping myself up in a thousand little hugs. I think that has a lot to do with the Unicorn Fibre rinse I used on it though….

It was so big I had to dedicate almost my entire craft room floor to block it!

Okay so I coulda done without that 3rd row of 2 matts, but the point is it still took up a lot of space!

The yarns i used were as follows:

Variegated knit stripes: Oink Pigments Oink Sock – “Listen, Humans!” 

Lace Stripes: Voolenvine Wolke Base –  “Neptunia” 

Border: Onk Pigments Oink Sock – “Pigs, Doom & Tacos”

The pattern was very well written. I didn’t have a single moment of knitting that made me go “Wait, what??” 

I used Size US 7 circular needles on a 40” cable This is the second pattern by FickleKnitter I have made. I love the style of her triangular shawl patterns. The border sections make the black hole of shawl knitting not seem so vast. 

The speed in which I finished this shawl surprised me. 3 weeks. That’s gotta be a new record for me. Not that it’s a fast speed by any means, but in the past shawls have taken me a long time to finish because I lose steam on em right about the halfway point. Most of the knitting on it was done on a Friday or Saturday afternoon and while it was an easy pattern, it wasn’t quite “end of the work day” easy.  Very rewarding to have completed something this large. Now my needles are free its time to start on my Oracle shawl. I have the yarn all caked up and just as suspected, my fortune teller stitch markers (see last post) go PERFECT with it. 


I finished my “Voodoo You Love Me” with some of the leftover “Listen, Humans!”. He has won my heart and currently lives on my fiber basket

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