An Ode to My Spinning Wheel… And a Few Choice Words for my Hands

It’s no secret. I love my spinning wheel. It is a perfect combination of function and form that makes me happy every time I see it. In fact, when asked the question “what is your most prized fiber possession?” For my fibreshare questionare my answer was: “My Spinning Wheel”. 

Isnt’ it beautiful??
I haven’t exactly been producing a lot of handspun lately and that’s part of why I signed up for the spinners version of fibreshare. I wanted to spin up a beautiful loop bump I got in honor of fiber share, and learn/tackle the fine art of chain plying my yarn. 

There is an understanding that when you chain ply your yarn has to be about 1/3rd of your desired thickness. Because chain plying ends up being a 3 ply yarn. I know you guys are smart enough to know that but I felt compelled to really spell that out. Because my hands don’t seem to know that.

I wanted my finished yarn to be a nice worsted weight. I figured “spin the single to be about a sock/sport weight and you’ll end up with a worsted”

So then why oh why can my hands only churn out a lace weight single yarn??

My default yarn weight is always on the finer side. When people view me spinning the question they most often ask is “Oh, are you making thread?” Because I naturally make very thin yarn. 

This was a 4 oz braid and I managed to get 626 yards. I made a full HitchHiker shawl from it and still have about an ounce leftover.

See, here is me REALLY having to focus and try to make a thicker yarn. I wanted a thick n thin yarn to make nice squishy mitts with. Even at my thickest this is only a worsted weight yarn. 

Spinning is a fine dance of treadling speed, drive ratio, drafting technique and patience. My dance is going along like a half tempo minuet. 

Is making a really fine/thin yarn a bad thing? Absolutely not. Except that it currently feels like I have been spinning this same fiber for about 20 years. And I have a deadline to finish it by. 

It is turning out quite beautiful though:

Here’s to fine yarn!

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