Cast on with a crash

The Oracle has been cast on! But has not grown much since it was cast on after I got home from work.  

I have never done brioche before so the thought of learning it late at night wasn’t exactly thrilling. The cast on to begin with was something I’ve never done, and although it wasn’t hard it was more than I was mentally prepared for. 

You see, this past week at work I have been flip flopping between day shift and night shift so even though I was home at a decent time Wednesday when I cast it on, I was passed out on the couch before I could break out the second color. 

I KNEW no knitting would be accomplished Thursday either because I worked a double shift, but it was all for a wonderful event. 

What do I do when I am not crafting?

I am a cosmetology teacher for Paul Mitchell the School! I teach theory (traditional textbook teaching that helps them pass their written state board exam), I work on the clinic classroom (where they actually practice their haircuts, colors & styling etc.) both day and night, and I teach makeup specialty (in depth classes on makeup & spa services). 

This week my knitting has been haulted because my specialty classes & an event called Style Extravaganza have collided. Monday night I worked night shift, but the eclipse also happened so my day time was spent with my husband at his work with an “eclipse party” thing going on. We got about 95% of the eclipse and it was REALLY cool. 

This was the best i could do with my phone camera

Then Tuesday morning was spent cooking dinner for that night because I worked from noon til 10 pm. Wednesday I worked from 10 in the morning until 6 pm so after I got home around 7 I was ready to do some knitting. 

Then I sat down on the couch. 

You see, we have a dual memory foam couch that is oh so comfy. 

And Kasey was spending his time reading so it was oh so quiet. 

And I had vegan pizza from Mellow mushroom so my belly was oh so full. 

And It was all of these things combined that made me realize I was oh so tired. 

So not much knitting was accomplished and I was oh so okay with that. 

How did that double shift go? Well, check out some of the fun we had:

The theme for our style extravaganza was “Moana” and I was the leader of Team HeiHei!

I may have also had a little too much fun with the selfie wall…

Boy, night time lighting is not what I’d call “flattering”

I wasn’t the only one having fun!

As for the oracle.. well I managed to get the brioche section finished before thinking “gosh this is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be”. Why wasn’t it fun? Everybody on instagram was talking about how it was practically flying off the needles and how they couldn’t wait to get through each ring to see the colors play up. 

I think I discovered why it wasn’t fun. I was using Chiaogoo red lace needles. These needles are amazing for working on flat projects or heavy projects in the round because the cable is nice and sturdy. They are the same needles that got me through my Alien Princess Shawl. It is their exact sturdiness that makes em really difficult to magic loop with. Which is required of this lovely Oracle. 

So I have some Hiya Hiya sharps on the way that have a nice floppy cable, perfect for magic looping and hopefully will let me enjoy the Oracle a little more. 

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