Join the Crazy

October is finally here!!!! It is my favorite month because all the spooky, creepy & awesome becomes socially acceptable and for one month out of the year my Skull purse gets more compliments than crazy looks. 

Skull bag by Kreepsville666

For October I have given myself a hefty goal. 1 hexipuff a day, for 31 days, in 31 different colors. Yup. I have 31 halloween mini skeins (all from the fabulous Ms Monster Creations ) all wound up and ready to grow into delightfully dark little puffs. I have started with the Raven mini set and will work through the different sets as I see fit. Example: two weekends from now I m going to have a Hocus Pocus movie night with my sister in law so I will tear into my Hocus Pocus mini set at that point.

Hocus Pocus Mini Set

I highly encourage you guys to join along. It may also help keep me motivated… It doesn’t have to be just Hexi’s though. Just choose 1 craft to do once a day for the month of October. It’s even better if it is halloween themed but that’s not really necessary. I even have a hashtag for it! I am calling it the #HexedByHexiKAL . You can see my Hexed by Hexi journey on my instagram page: Hallowed_Crafting

Days 1, 2 & 3. L: I want to Play a Game. Top R: Monsters of the Silver Screen. Bottom R: 1, 2 Freddy’s Comin for You. 

Also through October I am going to be working on my Halloween costume. I am going to be the big bad wolf, because I already have a wolf hood and it is an outfit that will be pretty comfortable, i think. 

Costume is already half done with this thing!

I am making a plaid shirt for it & I am going to sew up some furry fingerless gloves & a tail. I know what you’re thinking: “Tricia, you could totally just buy a plaid shirt. And they have those wolf mitts & tails everywhere for cheap. Why the heck would you go through all that trouble to make something that simple?”

Well, kind audience, I have a very good reasoning for that. That reasoning is: Because I’m a little psychotic sometimes and love to add crafts to my to-do list, no matter how extensive it might already be. 

I still have to finish my seams & hem the neck, bottom & sleeves. Drafted from 2 different ready made shirts. 

Prepare to see sewing progress pics. Don’t worry, I won’t spare you the gory details & withhold mistakes from you. Because we learn from mistakes, even if we’re watching somebody else make them. 

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